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FLIR Cloud Client Software: Adding your DVR / NVR using Device ID

Your DVR / NVR can be manually added to the FLIR Cloud Client software by entering the device ID. FLIR Cloud Client software is available for download on PC / Mac. Click here for more information on locating software downloads.


  • The following instructions require you to access your system using the FLIR Cloud Client software and a PC / Mac. The instructions below are shown using a Windows 10 operating system.

To manually add the DVR / NVR using a device ID:

  1. Launch FLIR Cloud Client software on your computer.
  2. Enter your login information. Refer to your user manual for your default Username and Password if needed.
  3. Click Login to open the Home window.
  4. Click the Devices icon (Devices icon) to open the Devices tab.
  5. Click Manual Add on the bottom-left corner to open the Manual Add window.
  6. In the Manual Add window, enter the following:

    FLIR Cloud Client: Manual Add Window

    • Device Name: Enter the Device Name of your choice to identify the DVR / NVR.
    • Device ID: Enter the device ID or scan the QR code located on the top of the DVR / NVR.
    • Client Port: Enter the Client Port value (default: 35000).
    • User Name: Enter the DVR / NVR User Name. Refer to your user manual for your default Username if needed.
    • Password: Enter the DVR / NVR Password. Refer to your user manual for your default Password if needed.
  7. Click Add to connect your DVR / NVR. The connection may take a few minutes.
  8. Click Home, and then double-click Default Group to load your connected cameras.

If you are not able to connect to your DVR / NVR using the device ID on the same network, you may be experiencing a NAT Loopback issue. Routers recognize and connect to DVR / NVR via IP address. To connect your system from the same network, use the IP address of the DVR / NVR. Click here for details on using the IP address to manually connect your DVR / NVR.