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Accessories: Multiple power adapters

When unpacking your DVR / NVR for the first time, multiple power adapters are included. Power adapters will vary depending on the system purchased.

Adapters for the DVR / NVR:

  • The power adapter for the DVR / NVR has a larger cable than the other included cables.
  • The DVR / NVR power adapter has a higher Volt and Amp rating than any of the other included power adapters.

DVR Power Supply

Adapters for the cameras:

  • Depending on the package purchased, you may have single, 4-in-1, or 8-in-1 power adapters. See below for an example of a 4-in-1 and 8-in-1 power adapter.
  • Camera power adapters have a smaller Volt and Amp than DVR power adapters.

Camera 4-in-1 power supplyCamera 8-in-1 Power Supply

For more information on power requirements for your product, refer to your product specifications sheet. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.