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Storage: FLIR FX file storage length / location

The length of time recorded video is saved on a FLIR FX camera depends on:

  • The type of FLIR Cloud plan you have subscribed to. Check your account to verify your plan details.
  • The type of recorded video saved. See below for more information on each video type and file storage.
    • Automatic Trigger and RapidRecap Recordings
    • Manual Recordings
    • Dashcam Recordings (Normal and Emergency)

Automatic Trigger and RapidRecap Recordings

These recordings are automatically stored online using the FLIR Cloud. The length of time your Automatic Trigger and RapidRecap recordings are available online varies between 2 and 30 days depending on your FLIR Cloud plan.

Manual Recordings

These types of recordings are stored onto the microSD card (included). These recordings will be stored as long as the card is functional, unless you manually delete these or format the microSD card.

Dashcam Recordings

  • Normal recordings will automatically overwrite once the microSD card reaches approximately 50% capacity. This is approximately 30 minutes using the included 8GB microSD card, provided no other recordings are stored on the card. This auto overwrite feature ensures there is sufficient space on the card in the event emergency recording is triggered.
  • Emergency recordings will pre-record 10 seconds before the event occurs and continue recording 40 seconds after. Emergency recording files will remain on the microSD card until you manually delete them.

Click here for more information on accessing your recordings.