DVR / NVR - How to manually upgrade the firmware of your recorder

There are two ways of upgrading the firmware of your recorder: USB Upgrade and Cloud Upgrade.

Part 1 - USB Upgrade

For this procedure, you need a formatted and empty USB flash drive.

We highly recommend that you format your USB flash drive on your recorder. To format your USB flash drive on your recorder, please read the full instructions here.

Once you have successfully formatted your USB flash drive, insert it into your computer's USB port and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Using a computer, download the correct firmware of your recorder to your formatted USB flash drive.

Step 2. Verify that you have the correct firmware. Then, remove the USB flash drive from your computer and insert it back into one of the USB ports on your recorder.

Step 3. On your recorder, go to Main Menu > Settings > System > Upgrade.

Step 4. In the Upgrade settings, click USB Upgrade.

USB Upgrade

Step 5. In the popup window, select the firmware that you have previously downloaded for your recorder.

NOTE: Make sure to select the file with .bin extension. See image below.

Select firmware

Step 6. Then, at the bottom of the screen, click Start to begin the upgrade.

Click start

WARNING: Please DO NOT turn off the power during the firmware upgrade. Wait until the unit reboots and display the new live view.


Congratulations! You have successfully updated the firmware of your recorder.

Part 2 - Cloud Upgrade

To upgrade your recorder's firmware via Cloud Upgrade, it is necessary to connect the recorder to your network.

Step 1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > System > Upgrade.

Step 2. In the Upgrade settings, click Check for Updates.

Check for Updates

Step 3. If there is an available update for your recorder, please proceed with upgrading your firmware. If not, you will get a message that you have the latest firmware.

Latest version

IMPORTANT: To receive automatic updates, make sure the box is checked next to Automatically Check for Updates, then click OK.

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