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Wireless IR Cameras: Night vision mode not activating / deactivating

Your wireless camera’s night vision mode is set to activate in low-light conditions using infrared (IR) LEDs. When light conditions become brighter, your camera will deactivate night vision and display an image in color. If your camera night vision mode is not activating or deactivating properly, it may be caused by your camera’s power source, or by ambient lighting conditions.

If using a wireless camera, try pairing the camera with the monitor again. This may create a stronger connection between the monitor and the camera.

To troubleshoot night vision not deactivating in bright conditions:

  • Connect the camera to a functional power outlet. Surge protectors can become overtaxed and provide insufficient power, causing night vision to remain active in bright conditions.
  • Shine a flashlight into the camera lens. If a full colored image appears on your monitor, there is insufficient lighting around the camera. Move the camera or adjust the sun shade to allow more light to reach the sensor.

To troubleshoot night vision not activating in low-light conditions:

  • If a halo effect is being displayed on your monitor, the camera may be pointed at a reflective surface, preventing night vision from activating. Point the camera away from reflective surfaces.
  • Some cameras are equipped with an infrared (IR) cut filter. If night vision is not activating, the filter may be stuck. Shine a flashlight into the camera lens for 3-5 seconds to trigger the filter. Remove the light source and place the camera in a dark area.

If you would like to optimize night vision capabilities, consider adding IR blasters or floodlights.