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LHV / LNR Series: Setting up motion alerts on your DVR / NVR

Motion alerts allow for the DVR / NVR to send email alerts when motion detection occurs on a camera. Motion alerts setup varies with the product. For more specific details on how to set up motion alerts on your DVR / NVR system, refer to your user manual. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

To enable motion detection alerts on an LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR:

  1. Right-click on the Live View to access the Quick Menu.

  2. Click Main Menu, and then click the Setting icon (Settings Button).

  3. Click Event > Motion.

  4. Click the Motion Detect tab.

  5. In the Channel drop-down, select a channel to enable motion detection alerts on and ensure the Enable checkbox is selected.

    FLIR Cloud DVR: Motion Detect Settings

  6. Click Apply to save settings.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for all necessary channels.

  8. Click OK to exit.