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Internet: FLIR FX camera remote viewing requirements

The FLIR FX camera can be viewed via the FLIR FX app using a smartphone / tablet connected to WiFi. There are minimum Internet requirements needed to access specific features.

FLIR FX Camera Internet Requirements

  • The FLIR FX camera requires an Internet connection for remote viewing, FLIR Cloud recording, and FLIR Cloud storage.
  • In Cloud mode, the FLIR FX camera can have up to three concurrent smartphone or tablet connections.
  • In Direct mode, the FLIR FX camera does not require an Internet connection for Live View on your smartphone or tablet but instead connects through the camera's WiFi hot spot. A Direct mode connection has a maximum range of 500ft.

    REMINDER: The maximum range of Direct mode can be limited by your smartphone or tablet’s ability to connect to the FLIR FX camera's hot spot.

Smartphones and Tablets Internet Requirements

During setup, your smartphone or tablet requires Internet access to link new cameras to your FLIR Secure account. After setup, Internet access for your smartphone or tablet is still required to:

  • Login to your FLIR Secure account.
  • Download updated camera lists.
  • Remote view your Cloud connected cameras.
  • Access settings on your cloud connected cameras through an owner account.
  • View manual recordings and folders on your microSD card (included).
  • Access Cloud recordings.
  • Order and view RapidRecaps based on your Cloud recordings.