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FLIR FX App: Disabling push notifications

Push notifications can be configured to alert you to motion events and audio events detected by your FLIR FX camera. You do not have to be logged into the FLIR FX app to get push notifications of a motion or audio event. You can also disable these push notifications.

To disable push notifications on your smartphone / tablet:

  • Disable push notifications for the FLIR FX app in your smartphone / tablet settings.
  • Disable push notifications for your smartphone or tablet.

    REMINDER: For assistance disabling push notifications on your smartphone or tablet please review iOS product support or Android product support.

You can also disable push notifications for specific FLIR FX cameras using the FLIR FX app.

To disable push notifications for an individual camera:

LIMITATION: This feature is only supported on FLIR FX app on smartphones only and is not available on tablets. Because this is a setting saved to the camera itself, changes to notification settings will be applied across all smartphones.

  1. Launch the FLIR FX app on your smartphone.
  2. On the Camera List screen, tap on the Menu icon (FLIR FX app: Menu Icon).
  3. If the Notifications icon on the far right is orange (FLIR FX app: Notifications Icon), notifications are enabled, tap to toggle between enabled and disabled.

    enabling and disabling push notifications