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FLIR FX Modes: Dashcam mode

The dash mount accessory converts the FLIR FX camera into a dashcam with the following features:

  • Internal Accelerometer: Automatically records when your vehicle is in motion.
  • Loop Recording: Continuous 30 minute, 1080p loop recording.
  • Emergency Recording: Resulting from any strong braking or impact.
  • Mounting: Includes suction cup mount with 360° pivot.

When in Dashcam mode, the FLIR FX has two recording types called Normal Car Recording and Emergency Recording.

Normal Recordings:

  • Camera will turn on automatically when it is on dash mount and USB power is detected.
  • Camera will record at all times when it is on the dash mount and turned on. The Record Button will flash red during Normal Car Recording.
  • The camera will reserve up to 50% of the total space on the microSD card (included) for Normal Car Recording. When this space is full, the camera will continue recording by overwriting the oldest videos first.
  • The camera will stop recording if the camera is removed from the dash mount, has a depleted battery, or is manually powered off by pressing and holding the power button.

Emergency Recordings:

  • Emergency Recording is activated if the accelerometer detects a strong G force, for example, from hard braking or an accident. The Record button will flash red and orange during Emergency Recording.
  • You can manually activate emergency recording by pressing the Record Button.
  • Emergency Recording will record 10 seconds before the event occurs and 40 seconds after.
  • Emergency Recording files will remain on the microSD card until manually deleted.