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FLIR Cloud: About FLIR Cloud plans

FLIR Cloud is a subscription service that provides extra features for FLIR FX cameras. The FLIR Cloud plan you choose for each camera determines your cloud storage and RapidRecap options. The FLIR Cloud Basic plan is free, and is included with all FLIR FX cameras. You can choose to opt out of the Basic plan or upgrade for additional features.

If you opt out of a FLIR Cloud plan, the basic features are still available, but the cloud storage and RapidRecap features will not function.

REMINDER: Dashcam recording is an offline feature and is not affected by your subscription.

Features still functional if you opt out of the FLIR Cloud plan:

  • View and manage the camera using Cloud mode and Direct mode.
  • Use 2-Way Audio (requires the use of an indoor stand or outdoor housing).
  • Manually record to the microSD card (included).
  • Configure automatic trigger recordings to store only on the microSD card (included).

Details on choosing the right FLIR Cloud plan for you