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Lorex Client 10 Software: Logging in on PC / Mac

Once you have completed the installation of the Lorex Client 10 software, set up and log in to your system to begin remote monitoring.

The following instructions require you to access your system using the Lorex Client 10 software and a PC / Mac.

To log in and set up Lorex Client 10:

Lorex Client 10: User Login Window

  1. Launch Lorex Client 10 software on your computer.

  2. Enter your IP address or Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS).

    RECOMMENDED: If your computer is connected into the same network as the DVR, use the DVR IP address. Otherwise use the DDNS address.

  3. Enter the Media Port value (default: 9000).

  4. Enter your User Name.

  5. Enter your Password.

  6. In the Network drop-down menu, select Internet.

  7. Click Login.