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Recording: FLIR FX REC light

The FLIR FX camera status is indicated by the REC light LED on the top of camera.

Solid Orange:

  • Camera is charging.

Solid Green:

  • Camera is fully charged.

Flashing Red:

  • Manual recording.
  • While on the Indoor Stand or in Action mode, the REC light flashes red to indicate a manual recording is in progress.

Flashing Orange or alternating Red and Orange:

  • Dashcam recording.
  • While on the Dash mount, the REC blinks orange to indicate automatic loop recording.
  • If the REC alternates between orange and red, this indicates an emergency recording is in progress.

Alternating Green, Orange, and Red:

  • Firmware updates in progress.
  • The process requires 1-10 minutes and should not be interrupted.

Flashes Green, followed by double solid amber Cloud and Direct mode LED:

  • The camera encountered a write failure to the microSD card.
  • Click here to troubleshoot a microSD write failure.