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FLIR Cloud Client Software: Adding your DVR / NVR using IP address

Your LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR system can be manually added to the FLIR Cloud Client software by entering the system IP address.


To manually add the LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR using an IP address:

  1. Launch FLIR Cloud Client software on your computer to open the Login window.
  2. Enter your login information. Refer to your user manual for your default Username and Password.
  3. Click Login to open the Home window.
  4. Click the Devices icon (Devices icon) to open the Devices tab.
  5. Click Manual Add on the bottom-left corner to open the Manual Add window.
  6. In the Manual Add window, enter the following information:

    flir cloud client log in screen

    • Device Name: Enter the Device Name of your choice to identify the DVR / NVR.
    • IP/Domain Name: Ensure the IP/Domain checkbox is checked to enable connection using the IP address. Enter the IP address of the DVR / NVR.
    • Client Port: Enter the Client Port value (default: 35000).
    • User Name: Enter the DVR / NVR User Name.
    • Password: Enter the DVR / NVR Password.
  7. Click Add to connect the DVR / NVR. The connection may take a few minutes.