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LHA / LNK Series: Using Picture Search to locate and back up snapshots

You can use Picture Search to view a list of snapshots taken with Auto Capture or Manual Capture and back up snapshots to a USB flash drive (not included)‎.


The following instructions require you to access your system using your DVR / NVR and a monitor.

To search for snapshots:

  1. In the taskbar, click the Main Menu icon (home icon), and then click Search > Picture.

    Picture Search

  2. In the Date field, select a date.

  3. In the Time fields, enter a start time and end time for your Picture Search in 24-hour format.

  4. In the Channel drop-down, select a channel to search. Select All to search all channels.

  5. In the Type drop-down, select the snapshot type.

  6. Click Search to display snapshots matching the search criteria.

To back up your snapshots:

  1. Click the checkbox next to the snapshots you want to back up to the USB flash drive.

    Picture List

    • Double-click a snapshot to display a preview.
    • Right-click on the preview to close the preview.
    • Click the Back icon (Back Icon) / Next icon () in the bottom-right corner of the menu to browse pages of snapshots.
  2. Click Backup to open the Backup menu.

    Backup Window

  3. In the Driver List, select the folder you want to back up the snapshots to.

  4. Click OK to start the backup. The bottom of the window displays the backup progress bar.

  5. Once complete,‎ your backup files display in the Backup menu.

    Backup Results