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LHA / LNK Series: Configuring and using Sequence mode

In Sequence mode your LHA / LNK Series DVR / NVR system will automatically cycle through the Live View of connected cameras every few seconds. You can configure the time interval of the cycle, and set the DVR / NVR to cycle through one channel or a group of channels at a time.

The following instructions require you to access your system using your DVR / NVR and a monitor.

To configure Sequence mode:

  1. In the taskbar, click the Main Menu icon (home icon), and then click Settings > Display > Video Out.

    Video Out Tab

  2. In the SEQ Mode drop-down, set how many channels appear on screen at a time while Sequence mode is enabled.

  3. In SEQ Dwell Time enter how many seconds (1–300)‎ each channel or group of channels is displayed before cycling to the next channel or group of channels.

  4. Click Save to save your settings.

  5. Click OK.

To enable Sequence mode:

  • From the Live View, click the Sequence mode icon (Sequence Mode icon) on the Taskbar.


  • Right-click in the Live View to open the Quick Menu,‎ and then click Start SEQ.