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LNR200 / LNR300 Series: Configuring the On-Screen Display (OSD) and camera name

The On-Screen Display (OSD) sub-menu allows you to configure custom names for your cameras or configure the on-screen text shown for your cameras.

The following instructions require you to access your system using your NVR and a monitor.

To configure the OSD and camera name:

  1. Right-click on the Live View and click Menu.

  2. Click Camera and then click OSD.

  3. In the Camera drop-down, select the camera you would like to modify.

  4. Enter a desired Camera Name.

  5. Check the Display Name checkbox to show the camera name.

  6. Check the Display Date checkbox to show the current date and time.

  7. Check the Display Week checkbox to show the day of the week in the date.

  8. In the Date Format drop-down, select the desired date format.

  9. In the Time Format drop-down, select 24-hour or 12-hour time.

  10. In the Display Mode drop-down:

    • Select Non-Transparent & Not Flashing to have the on-screen text shown at all times.
    • Select Non-Transparent & Flashing to have the on-screen text flash on the screen.
  11. Click and drag the boxes in the image preview to change the position of the on-screen display text.

    OSD Configuration

    REMINDER: The position of the on-screen text will not update until you click Apply.

  12. Click Apply to save your changes.