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LNR200 / LNR300 Series: Configuring Substream Settings on your NVR

Substream settings allow you to configure the video quality settings for streaming to a PC / Mac or smartphone / tablet. Substream allows you to conserve Internet bandwidth for connections over the LAN or Internet while still ensuring high quality recordings. Mainstream settings configuration.

REMINDER: Increasing the substream settings may affect the performance of the video stream, depending on bandwidth available.

The following instructions require you to access your system using your NVR and a monitor.

To configure substream settings:

  1. Right-click on the Live View, and then click Menu.

  2. Click Record and then click Recording Setup.

  3. Click the Substream tab.

  4. In the Camera drop-down, select the camera you want to configure.

    Substream Settings

  5. In the Resolution drop-down, select the resolution to use for streaming:

    • 704 × 576 (4CIF)
    • 352 × 288 (CIF)
    • 320 × 240 (QVGA)
  6. In the Bitrate Type drop-down, select:

    • Variable (recommended): a variable bitrate
    • Constant: for constant bit rate.

      TIP: If you select Variable, select the Video Quality between Highest and Lowest.

  7. In the Frame Rate drop-down, select the frame rate for streaming.

  8. In the Max. Bitrate Mode drop-down, select:

    • General: to use one of the pre-set options.
    • Customize: to manually enter the bitrate.
  9. In the Max Bitrate (Kbps) drop-down, enter the desired bitrate in Kbps.

  10. Click Apply to save changes, and then click Back to exit.