Lorex Cirrus App - Overview

The following article provides an overview of the main functions in Lorex Cirrus app.

Main menu

Launch the Lorex Cirrus app, then tap the Main menu icon icon to access the main menu.

Main menu

  1. Local Configuration: Tap to access app settings. Configure the following settings as needed:

    • Passcode Protection: Password protection enables a password whenever you launch the Lorex Cirrus app. Tap Toggle icon, then follow the prompts to enable / disable password protection. Tip: Once password protection is enabled, close and reopen the app to apply the changes.

    • Live video quality in full-screen mode: Tap to select the quality of the streaming video quality.

    • Video Aspect Ratio: Tap to configure the video aspect ratio.

    • Prevent automatic lock screen: TapToggle icon to enable / disable the automatic lock screen.

  2. Recordings: Tap to view saved recordings. Refer to the article Lorex Cirrus app - View saved snapshots and videos, for more information.

  3. Snapshots: Tap to view saved snapshots. Refer to the article Lorex Cirrus app - View saved snapshots and videos, for more information.

  4. Device List: Tap to view the device list and device QR codes. From this screen you can configure settings for the listed devices.

    Device Manager screen

    • Tap Delete icon to delete the device.
    • Tap Modify icon to edit the device information including the password. Refer to the article, "Lorex Cirrus app - Configuring settings, for more information.
    • Tap Play live view to go to the device's Live View.
    • Tap Link devices to link Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Follow the in-app prompts to complete the setup.

    See the Smart Home: Connect Lorex Cirrus devices to Amazon Alexa article, for more information about linking Amazon Alexa.

    See the Smart Home: Connect Lorex Cirrus devices to Google Home article, for more information about linking Google Home.

  5. Notifications: Tap to view your push notifications. Refer to the article, "Lorex Cirrus app - Push notifications," for more information.

  6. Help: Tap to open a walkthrough of the Lorex Cirrus app screens.

  7. About: Tap to access the following in-app features.

    • Share App: Tap to view and share the app's QR code.
    • Rate the App: Tap to provide a review for the Lorex Cirrus app. Note: When you tap Rate App you will be redirected to the App store or the Google Play Store.
    • Contact us: Tap to provide your feedback directly to Lorex.
    • Privacy Policy: Tap to view the Privacy Policy.

Lorex Cirrus app - Live View

The Lorex Cirrus app will show the live view by default for a specific device. You can use the Lorex Cirrus app in portrait and landscape mode.


The following section details the Live View features.

Live View

  1. Main Menu: Tap for main menu options.

  2. Display area: Displays the Live View of channels for a specific device.

    • Double-tap to open a channel in full screen mode. Tap again to return to multi-view.
    • Swipe left or right to view different channels.
    • To delete a channel, tap and hold a channel then drag it to the Delete icon icon at the top of screen.
  3. Name display: Displays the current device and channel name.

  4. Device Name: Displays the device name.

    • Tap to play all channels.
    • Tap and hold to modify the device name.
  5. Snapshot: Tap a specific channel from the Display area, then tap Camera icon to take a snapshot. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - View saved snapshots and videos," for more details.

  6. Manual Record: Tap a specific channel from the Display area, then tap Record icon to start a recording. Tap Record icon again to stop the recording. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - Viewing Saved Snapshots and Videos," for more details.

  7. Split-screen: Tap to view and select the split-screen layout.

  8. Audio: Tap to mute / un-mute audio coming from the camera (must have an audio enabled-camera or a self-powered microphone connected to the camera).

    Note: Camera audio is disabled by default. Enable camera audio through your recorder before attempting to enabling audio using the Lorex Cirrus app.

  9. Microphone: Tap to activate the intercom to the camera (audio-enabled cameras only; must have amplifier or speakers connected to the camera or a camera which supports 2–way audio).

  10. Arrow: Tap to view all the channels for a device. Tap a specific channel to start live view.

  11. Playback: Tap to access playback recordings. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - Playback," for more details.

  12. Favorite Group: You can create groups and add your favorite channels from multiple devices to the group. Tap to create a group then add channels.

  13. Settings: Tap to configure settings for a selected channel. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - Configuring settings," for more details.

Single Channel View

In the single channel view you can quickly change the device video quality, open the PTZ controls (PTZ camera required), and enable / disable the siren or the warning light.

Single channel view

  1. Video Quality: Tap to select the video streaming quality for a specific channel.
  2. PTZ Control (Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras only.): Tap to open / close PTZ controls.
  3. Siren: Tap to enable / disable the siren.
  4. Save: Tap to save the channel settings.
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