How to choose the optimal placement - Lorex Smart Home Security Center

We’ll demonstrate how to choose the optimal location for the Lorex Smart Home Security Center (LSHSC).

It’s important to have strong connectivity between the LSHSC and other Lorex wireless products.

  • First, choose a central location with good connectivity to your router and Lorex devices.
  • Limit the number of walls, ceilings, and other major obstructions between the LSHSC and Lorex devices.
  • Ensure the antennas are in the upright position.

Here’s a possible scenario that could cause poor connectivity.

  • LSHSC in the basement
  • Indoor Wireless camera in the basement as well
  • Indoor Wireless camera in the office on the second floor on the side of the house
  • Outdoor Wireless camera outside the front door, opposite the LSHSC
  • Indoor Wireless camera on the floor above the Home Center in the kitchen

In this scenario, both the 2nd floor and front door camera may have trouble connecting to the LSHSC.

This is also impacted by the walls between the camera and the home center.

To address this issue, we should move the LSHSC to a more central location.

By putting it in equal distance between all of your other Lorex wireless devices, you strengthen the connectivity to your LSHSC

If for any reason you are still experiencing poor connection, we recommend the Lorex Home Center Extender (model # AX62TR).

Place the extender halfway between the LSHSC and your other devices to improve signal strength between your devices.

Congratulations! You are now ready to enjoy your new Lorex Smart Home Security Center.