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Setup: Pairing wireless cameras to DVR

If you have purchased additional wireless cameras that you wish to pair to your DVR, or you have lost connection to a camera and need to pair it again, follow the steps below.

REMINDER: If you bought a bundle system, the cameras and the receiver are paired. Click here for details on setting up cameras purchased in a bundle.


  1. Ensure your DVR is connected to a TV or monitor and a wired mouse.
  2. Ensure the cameras and the receiver are powered up and all antennas are properly attached.
  3. Ensure that the camera is in range of the receiver.
  4. Remove obstructions between the receiver and camera.

RECOMMENDED: Avoid installing cameras in locations that require the wireless signal to pass through cement, concrete, and metal structures. This will reduce the transmission range. Click here for more information on optimizing your wireless camera range.

To pair the cameras to the DVR:

In the Live View, click the channel you want to pair the camera to open the camera toolbar.

REMINDER: If you pair a new camera to a channel that is already being used by an existing camera, the new camera will be connected to the channel. The old camera will be disconnected.

Click the Pair icon to start a 30 second countdown. Within the 30 second countdown, press the Pair button on the camera. The live footage from the camera appears on the Live View when paired.

TIP: If you did not press the Pair button on the camera during the 30 second countdown, repeat the above steps to restart the pairing process.