IP Cameras: Default username and password

When using Lorex IP cameras, it is always recommended to connect them to a compatible NVR. NVR installations are easier to view, manage, and maintain than stand-alone IP cameras, and require just a single login to view all cameras connected to the system.

For those who must connect to IP cameras directly without the use of an NVR, the login information below is applicable to most Lorex IP cameras.

Default login for most Lorex IP cameras:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • For security reasons, many new IP cameras with up-to-date firmware will ask you to change the default login information the first time you access the camera. In these cases, the default login information will not grant you access to the camera.
  • Older IP cameras may not use the default logins above. If the credentials above do not work, refer to your user manual for your camera's default username and password. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

Default system port settings for Lorex IP cameras:

  • HTTP Port: 80
  • Client Port: 35000
  • UDP: 35001 (specific applications only)
  • RTSP: 554 (specific applications only)

IMPORTANT: HTTP and Client Ports must be port forwarded to access to the system over the Internet. Click here for port forwarding instructions.