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Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure App: Migrating to Lorex Cloud

As a user of the Lorex Secure or FLIR Secure app, we will be moving you over to an updated app called Lorex Cloud to ensure improved connectivity and reliability with your LHV or LNR Series Lorex device.

IMPORTANT: If you own an LHA, LHB, or LNK Series Lorex device, you will migrate to the Lorex Cirrus app instead. Please refer to the Lorex Cirrus migration guide.


  • Ensure you download the most up-to-date version of Lorex Secure or FLIR Secure. The new version allows you to import your device information into the Lorex Cloud app.

To migrate to Lorex Cloud from Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure:

  1. Launch the Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure app. You will receive a pop-up message with the details of the migration. Tap Update Now.

  1. Create a password that will be used to import device information into Lorex Cloud.

  1. Tap Download to be directed to the App Store or Google Play Store page for Lorex Cloud, and download the app.

  1. Launch the Lorex Cloud app. Agree to all permissions and the privacy policy.
  2. You will receive a pop-up message asking you to import your device information from Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure. Tap OK.

  1. Enter the password you created when exporting device information out of Lorex Secure / FLIR Secure, then tap OK.

Congratulations! Your devices are successfully imported, and you are ready to start using the Lorex Cloud app.

Refer to the links below for more help getting started with Lorex Cloud:

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