Lorex Cirrus App - Playback

You can access recorded video on your system using the Lorex Cirrus app.

To access playback:

  1. From the live view, choose a channel in the display view.

    Channel select screen

  2. Tap Playback icon to access the channel's playback screen.


Playback Overview

Playback screen

  1. Display Area: Double-tap to open a single channel in full-screen. Swipe left and right to switch to a different channel.
  2. Frame-by-Frame: Tap to play frame by frame.
  3. Slow: Play the recording slower.
  4. Fast: Play the recording faster.
  5. Play / Pause: Press to play / pause the recording.
  6. Close All: Tap to stop all the playback recordings.
  7. Date: Tap to open the playback calendar.

    Calendar screen

    • Swipe left and right to change the month.
    • The red date indicates the current date.
    • Red dots below dates indicate days with playback recordings.
    • Tap a date with a red dot to quickly play the playback recording.
    • Tap the Close icon icon to close the calendar and return the playback screen.
  8. Timeline: Shows the length of the recording. Swipe left or right to select the time you wish to view.
    • Pinch to zoom in and out of the timeline.
    • Swipe with one finger to navigate through the timeline events.
    • Highlighted areas on the timeline indicates a playback recording.
    • Different playback colors indicate different motion events:
      • Green: Continuous / manual
      • Blue: Alarm
      • Yellow: Motion
      • Light blue: Person
  9. Channel List: Tap to open the device's channel list and select a channel. Tap the Channel list icon again to minimize the channel list.
  10. Snapshot: Tap to take a snapshot from the selected camera. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - View saved snapshots and videos" article, for more information.
  11. Manual Record: Tap to start / stop manual recording. Refer to the article "Lorex Cirrus app - View saved snapshots and videos" article, for more information.
  12. Playback Type: Tap to open a list of playback types, then tap to select a specific playback type:
    • All
    • Continuous / Manual
    • Alarm
    • Motion
    • Person
  13. Audio: Tap to mute / unmute audio coming from the camera (audio-enabled cameras only; must have self-powered microphone connected to the camera).
  14. Thumbnail: Tap to view a collection of playback thumbnails. Tap the thumbnails to go to a specific playback recording.