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LHA / LNK Series: Connecting a monitor to the DVR / NVR

Depending on the type of monitor / TV screen being used, you can connect to your DVR / NVR system using an HDMI or VGA cable. We recommend using an HDMI cable when possible, however, check which cable your monitor / TV screen is compatible with.

VGA cable (not included)‎:

  • Supports up to 1080p output.

HDMI cable (included)‎:

  • 4–channel DVRs supports up to 1080p output.
  • 8 / 16–channel DVRs supports up to 4K output (4K monitor / TV required)‎.
  • LNK 7000 Series NVRs supports up to 4K output (4K monitor / TV required)‎.

RECOMMENDED: If using a monitor or TV screen with a DVI connection, a DVI to HDMI / VGA adapter can be used.

If the monitor / TV being used only has RCA inputs, it can be connected to the video output port of the DVR / NVR through the use of a BNC or RCA cable, and an adapter.

  • For BNC cables, use the Lorex model BNCB to connect to an RCA input on your monitor / TV.
  • For RCA cables, use the Lorex model BNCA to connect to the DVR / NVR video output port.