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Android P Compatibility


We have just finished testing our mobile apps with Android P. See below for the results of our compatibility testing.

Compatible with Android P:

  • Digimobile Touch Lite
  • DigiSummit
  • FLIR Cloud
  • FLIR Secure
  • Lorex Cirrus
  • Lorex Cloud
  • Lorex Eco Stratus
  • Lorex Home
  • Lorex netHD Stratus
  • Lorex Ping 2
  • Lorex SD Pro

Not compatible:

  • Digi iMobile (replaced by FLIR Cloud)
  • DigiNet NVR (replaced by FLIR Cloud)
  • FLIR SyncroIP NVR (replaced by FLIR Cloud)
  • Lorex Baby Link (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Care (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Mobile Eco (third party app is vMEye or MEye)
  • Lorex Mobile HD (third party app is SmartEyes_Pro)
  • Lorex Mobile View Lite (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Ping (LNC254 Series not working - update to Lorex Ping 2 for full compatibility)

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