Apple iOS 11 Compatibility Notice

iOS 11

Compatibility Notice


The following Lorex mobile apps have been tested as compatible with iOS 11. For unsupported apps, the replacement third-party apps can be downloaded from the App Store (where specified).

Compatible with iOS 11:

  • Digi Summit
  • Lorex NetHD Stratus
  • Lorex Ping 1 / 2
  • Lorex Eco Stratus
  • FLIR/Lorex Secure
  • Lorex SD Pro
  • FLIR Cloud
  • Digimobile Touch Lite

Not compatible:

  • Lorex Mobile Eco (third party app is vmeye or meye)
  • Lorex Mobile View Lite (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Baby Link (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Care (no third party app available)
  • Lorex Mobile HD (third party app is smarteyes_pro)
  • Digi iMobile (replaced by FLIR Cloud)
  • DigiNet NVR (replaced by FLIR Cloud)
  • FLIR SyncroIP NVR (replaced by FLIR Cloud)


Last update: 2018-06-25 21:46:00