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E894, E895, E896 Series: Smart Plans

E89 Series Smart Plans

This article provides details on the different smart plans supported by the E89 Series Security Cameras, followed by the instructions for setting your camera's smart plan features.

For all Smart Lighting Cameras (E89 Series):

If FACE DETECTION is enabled, all other A.I detections will be disabled.

Features unlocked when Face Detection is disabled:

E894: You can use either of these two A.I detection options - Smart Detection and Heatmap, or Package and Heatmap. Smart Detection and Package Detection cannot be used together.

E895/E896: All Features and combinations are unlocked.

E89 Series Smart Plans Diagram

To use a smart feature on your camera, it must be enabled in the Smart Plan settings from your recorder. You can select the smart plan feature for each of your cameras.

Note: Certain smart plan features are compatible with certain Lorex IP cameras. For a complete list of compatible cameras, navigate to your recorder series at lorex.com/compatibility.

Set your smart plan features

  1. From the Live View display of your recorder, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.
  2. Click Events, then Event Settings. Click the Smart Plan tab from the side panel.

Smart Plan Settings

  1. Select the camera you would like to enable a smart plan feature on.
  2. Select the icon for a smart feature that you want to enable:
  • Face Detection Feature Face Detection. The face detection feature cannot be used simultaneously with other smart plans and is disabled by default. To enable the face detection feature, disable all other smart plans.
  • Heat Map Feature Heat Map
  • Smart Motion Feature Smart Motion Detection, Safeguard, and Active View
  • Package/Envelope Feature Package and Envelope Detection. For certain Lorex IP cameras, the package and envelope detection feature cannot be used simultaneously with other smart plans and is disabled by default. In such a case, disable all other smart plans to enable the package and envelope detection feature.

Note: When a smart feature icon is enabled, the icon will be blue. Select the individual smart feature icon again to disable. When a feature has been disabled, the icon will be white.

  1. Click Apply to save changes.

For full instructions on configuring smart motion detection features on each camera, refer to your recorder's Series Manual on the product support page. Visit help.lorextechnology.com and search your recorder's model number.

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