LWB6850W Series - 1080p Wire-Free Security Camera

See and hear it all by adding to your Lorex Wire-Free Security Camera System. Wire-Free systems are the perfect hassle-free solution designed for quick installation and efficient monitoring. This add-on camera can be paired with your LHB926/LHB927 or LHWF1000 DVRs to expand the total number of cameras in your wire-free system (each wire-free system can have up to six wire-free cameras connected). Wire-free cameras are capable of recording full 1080p HD resolution video, and come equipped with long range infrared night vision up to 65ft and an ultra-wide 140° field of view. A built-in microphone and speaker will also provide crystal clear audio and two-way talk functionality, adding a whole new dimension to your monitoring. This camera comes with a powerful 3-Cell battery Power Pack Plus and is compatible with Lorex ACSOL1B Solar Panel

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