Lorex Fusion 4K 16-Channel 3TB Wired NVR System with Bullet Cameras

Model Numbers: N4K3-168BB-2 | N4K3-1610BB-2 | N4K3-1612BB-2 | N4K3-1616BB-2 | N4K3-168WB-2 | N4K3-1610WB-2 | N4K3-1612WB-2 | N4K3-1616WB-2

Sold From: 2022 - present

Prevent events, capture important moments, and stay connected to your property with this Fusion NVR system. This security system, featuring 4K IP Security Cameras and a Fusion NVR that can connect a total of 16 wired IP cameras and Smart Home wireless cameras, is the perfect place to start for any home or small business.