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Lorex Ping HD App: Modifying LNC camera motion detection settings

The Lorex Ping HD app for iPad allows you to adjust the motion detection sensitivity of your LNC Series cameras.


To adjust motion detection sensitivity:

  1. Launch the Lorex Ping HD app on your iPad.

  2. Under the Camera List, tap the Arrow icon (Arrow Icon) next to a camera to open camera settings.

  3. Tap Video settings > Control.

  4. Select a motion detection sensitivity between 1 (High) and 10 (Low).

    REMINDER: If Motion sensitivity is set to 1, motion detection will be triggered if a moving object is larger than 1% of the video area. If it is set to 10, a moving object must be larger than 10% of the video area to trigger motion detection. This setting does not affect PIR motion detection.

  5. Tap Update to save your settings and then tap Done.

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