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LHB Series: Recording time for motion detection

When a Wire-Free camera detects motion, the camera streams live video and records for a set period of time before returning to Standby mode. You can choose how long each camera records for when motion is detected.

REMINDER: In order to conserve battery life and decrease the amount of footage for review, continuous live-streaming and recording is not available with Wire-Free cameras.

To configure recording time:

  1. In the Live View, click the Main Menu icon (Home icon) > Settings > Camera.

    Set recording time

  2. Select the channel for the camera you want to configure.

  3. Select the duration the camera will record video for when motion is detected (10s, 20s, or 30s).

  4. Click Save to set the recording time.

  5. Click OK.

REMINDER: If motion is detected within the final 2 seconds of the preset Camera Recording Time, the system will record an additional 10 seconds of video to ensure the entire event is captured.

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