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D Series DVRs: Playing back recorded video

Search through and play video recordings from the hard drive.

To search for and play recordings:
  1. From live view, right-click and then click Playback. If prompted, log in using the system user name (default: admin) and password.
  2. Configure the following:

Playback Settings

a Use the calendar on the right to select the date to playback.

b Check channels you want to play back. Click the icon beside each selected channel to select Mainstream (M) or Substream (S) video quality.

c Click inside the video bar to select playback time. Playback starts immediately at the selected time.

To filter for person / vehicle recordings:

!!! Prerequisite: You must enable Smart Motion Detection on any and all channels you would like to filter for person / vehicle detection.

d Click Stop Playback to stop current playback.

e Hover over the Person / Vehicle icon. Check Person/Vehicle to filter available playback events. Wait a few seconds for the video bar to show detection events.

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