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D Series DVRs: Configuring smart motion detection

Set preferences for motion detection on each channel, and select channels you want to enable smart Person/Vehicle detection on.

NOTE: Depending on your system configuration, the maximum number of channels that support Person/Vehicle detection will vary. Check your recorder’s documentation for the maximum number of supported channels.

To configure motion detection:

1 From the Live View display, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.

2 Click ALARM. Click the MOTION tab on the side panel, then Motion Detect on the top panel.

Motion Detection Settings

3 Select a channel to configure motion detection for.

4 Click to enable (Enable) / disable (Disable motion detection on the selected channel.

5 Click Setup next to Area to configure which areas of the image will be enabled for motion detection. A grid will appear on the monitor:

Area Detection

  • The camera image appears with a red grid overlay. This means the entire image is enabled for motion detection.
  • Click or click-and-drag to add / remove boxes from the active area. Cells that have been removed from the active area appear green.
  • Hover near the top of the image to reveal zone selection. You can set up to 3 different zones with different sensitivity and threshold values.
  • Right-click when finished.

6 Click Setup next to Schedule to choose which days and times of the week to enable motion detection:

Motion Detection Schedule

  • Click or click-and-drag along the each of the yellow timelines to quickly add or remove time from each day’s schedule in 15–minute segments.
  • Click Check beside 2 or more days to link schedules (Linking Schedules). This allows you to quickly change multiple schedules at once.
  • To make fine adjustments to a schedule, click Modify. This will allow you to set exact start and end times for a schedule.

7 Choose how the system will react when motion is detected:

  • Show Message: Check to enable an on-screen pop-up when one of your cameras detects motion. On-screen pop-up shows the channels an event occurred on and the type of event.
  • Send Email: Check to enable email alerts. You must configure email alerts before you will be able to receive them.
  • Record Channel: Select the channels that will record when motion is detected on the selected channel. Set the length of recording following a video loss event in the Post_REC field.
  • PTZ Activation: Set connected PTZ cameras to start a tour, pattern, or go to a preset location.
  • Sequence: Sequence mode will begin. Select the numbered tiles next to this option to include the corresponding channels in the sequence.
  • Snapshot: Select the numbered tiles next to this option to save a snapshot of the corresponding channels.
  • Buzzer: Check to enable the system buzzer.

8 Click Smart Motion Detection to enable Person/Vehicle detection:

  • Click Enable to activate Person/Vehicle detection on the selected channel.
  • Select a Sensitivity level (a high sensitivity value will detect smaller objects than a low value).
  • Check Person/Vehicle.
  • Click OK when finished.

9 Click Apply.

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