L4248 Series - 2K NVR & Wire-Free Camera system : Lorex Cirrus App Setup

This article provides instructions to setup your 2K NVR & Wire-Free Camera system (L4248 Series). with the Lorex Cirrus app.

You can connect your recorder to the Lorex Cirrus app for remote access.

To setup NVR with Lorex Cirrus App

  1. Download the Lorex Cirrus app by scanning the QR code on your mobile device.
    You can also visit Google Play or Apple Store to download the Lorex Cirrus app.


  2. Open the Lorex Cirrus app.

  3. Tap to open the menu, then tap Devices.

    Main menu

  4. Tap icon on the Device Manager screen to add device.

  5. Scan the QR code on your Lorex recorder using the camera on your phone. The QR code may be located on the side or top panel of your recorder.
    Note: If you're having trouble scanning the QR code or if your mobile device does not have a camera, tap Manually Enter Device ID. The Device ID is printed below the QR code.

  6. By default the device information reads as the following. Refer to the product information to make sure the information is correct.

    • IP Address/ID: Device ID
    • Username: admin

    Device Setup screen

  7. Enter the following information:

    • Media Port: 3500
    • Password: 00000000

    Note: This password is temporary. Remember to update your password in the following screen.

  8. Tap Save.

  9. A pop-up will display prompting you to change your password, tap OK.

  10. Enter a new device password in the Password Update screen. Note: The password must contain 8-15 characters.

    Password update screen

  11. Re-enter your device password.

  12. Tap Save.

  13. (Optional) If you have already completed the initial setup, enter the system's password, then tap Save. The app will display the system's Live View.

    Note: Up to 3 authorized users can remotely access the recorder at the same time using the Lorex Cirrus app.