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AJLZ Series - Junction Box for PTZ Cameras: Troubleshooting Guide

This article provides troubleshooting guidance for addressing issues for your AJLZ junction box for PTZ cameras.

I cannot fit my camera's cable through the front of the junction box

  1. Remove the silicon plug, and open it at the slit.
  2. Place the plug around your camera's cable and insert the cable through the large hole in the front of the junction box.
  3. Reinstall the silicon plug in the front of the box and push it into place.

Opening the plug

My PTZ Camera has external accessories

You can install external accessories inside the junction box in the metal trays.

Customizing parts

I want more room for cables in my junction box

You can make more room in the junction box by removing the metal trays inside with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Removing trays

I need to organize my cables

The included cable ties are for cable organization inside of the junction box. Manually coil your cables until the junction box outputs the desired length of wire, and then use the cable ties to keep the coil together.

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