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Hardware: DVR / NVR fan is loud

Like most electronic devices, DVRs and NVRs have a fan inside them to prevent the unit from overheating and damaging the motherboard. All DVRs / NVRs exhibit minor noise from fan operation.


  • These illustrations are for the LHV2000 series DVR. Refer to your product user manual for product specific illustrations. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

To troubleshoot excessive fan noise:

  • Ensure that the DVR / NVR is on a flat, stable surface.
  • Ensure that the DVR / NVR vents are not obstructed (i.e., nothing on or around the unit blocking airflow).
  • Power cycle the system. To power cycle your recorder, please power off and disconnect the power source for approximately 30 seconds. Reconnect and power on the recorder.
  • Ensure that the fan is clean. To clean the fan, open the recorder using the steps below.

To access and clean the fan:

  1. Power off the DVR / NVR system and unplug all cables.

    WARNING: Make sure that the system is off and the power cable is disconnected before attempting to open your DVR / NVR.

  2. The DVR / NVR cover is secured with screws. Remove the screws and slide the cover off.

    WARNING: The inner casing of the DVR / NVR has sharp edges that can lead to injury if not carefully handled. Be careful not to let any tools or loose parts touch sensitive components such as the circuit board.

    HDD casing screws

  3. Clean the fan using a compressed air can or a vacuum if necessary.

  4. Carefully replace the casing of the DVR / NVR and secure the screws.

  5. Reconnect the power source and monitor.

If the fan is still excessively loud, contact Technical Support.

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