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Remote Viewing: Issues connecting to DVR / NVR using QR code

If you are not able to connect after scanning your QR code, check your cable connections, IP settings, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) settings.

Perform each of the following steps in sequential order to potentially resolve your connectivity issues. Scan your QR code and attempt to connect after each step:

  1. Power cycle your DVR / NVR. To power cycle your DVR / NVR, please power it off (if applicable) and disconnect the power source for approximately 30 seconds. Reconnect, and power up the DVR / NVR.
  2. Ensure the unit is connected to a router using an Ethernet cable.
  3. Ensure that you are able to connect locally using the IP address. The IP address can be found in the Network menu or System Information menu of your DVR / NVR.
  4. Ensure the correct device ID, username, and password is entered.
  5. Test by scanning the QR code using another smartphone or tablet if possible.
  6. If you are using another smartphone or tablet on the same network, disable WiFi on the extra smartphone or tablet.
  7. In the Network menu, set the unit to DHCP.
  8. In the Network menu, set DNS 1 to, and DNS 2 to
  9. Restore your DVR / NVR to default settings.
*   [Restore default settings on an ECO Series DVR](/link/portal/57356/57366/Article/2441/ECO-Series-Restoring-to-default-settings)  
*   [Restore default settings on an LHV / LNR Series DVR / NVR](/link/portal/57356/57366/Article/1573/LHV-LNR-Series-Restoring-your-DVR-NVR-to-default-settings)  
*   [Restore default settings on an LHA / LNK Series DVR / NVR](/link/portal/57356/57366/Article/3155/LHA-LNK-Series-Restoring-your-DVR-NVR-to-default-settings)

If you are still unable to connect to your DVR / NVR system using your QR code, contact Technical Support.

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