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Wireless Home Monitor: Monitor not recording

An issue with the SD card, or recording schedule can prevent the Wireless Home Monitor from recording.

To troubleshoot the home monitor not recording:

  • Ensure that the SD card (not included) being used is a supported size. Check your product specifications sheet for more information on supported SD card size. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.
  • Ensure that the SD card being used is compatible with the monitor by checking the on-screen display. A symbol resembling an SD card (Wireless Home Monitor: SD Card Icon) should appear. Depending on your model, it will display red (Red SD Card) when the card is full.

If there is no SD card symbol:

  • Ensure that the recording schedule has been configured properly. Check your product user manual for more information on recording schedule configuration.

  • Format your SD card using a computer to remove any corrupt information from the card.

    IMPORTANT: Formatting the SD card will erase all data. Back up data before formatting.

  • Insert the card into the Wireless Home Monitor and format the card with the receiver. Click here for instructions on how to format the SD card.

  • Restore the monitor to default settings, and check the recording schedule again. On the monitor tap the Menu icon (Menu Button) and use the joystick to select Settings > Default Settings > Yes.

If the SD card symbol is red:

  • Remove data from the SD card to clear space for additional recording.
  • Or, enable File Overwrite to continuously record over the oldest files. To enable File Overwrite, on the monitor tap the Menu icon (Menu Button) and use the joystick to select Record > File Overwrite > Yes.

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