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Wireless Home Monitor: Audio not working

If the audio is not working on your Wireless Home Monitor:

  • Ensure that the protective film is removed from the camera lens.
  • Ensure that the monitor volume is not muted. A mute icon (Mute icon) will be visible on the screen if the volume has been muted.
  • Turn the monitor volume up using the volume buttons on the side of the unit. Location will vary by model. For exact location of volume buttons for your model, refer to your user manual. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.
  • The camera must be in Full Screen mode for audio. Tap the Channel Select icon (Channel select icon) to switch between channels in Full Screen mode. Audio is disabled in Quad mode.

If audio is not working after increasing the volume and viewing in Full Screen mode, restore the system to default settings.

To restore your monitor to default settings:

CAUTION: Restoring to default settings will erase any setting input on the monitor. Your monitor will need to be reconfigured.

  1. On the monitor tap the Menu icon (Menu button).
  2. Use the joystick to select Settings > Default Settings.
  3. Select Yes.

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