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Storage: FLIR FX microSD card compatibility

The FLIR FX camera requires a microSD card (included) for saving recorded video files, images, and firmware update information. It does not require a microSD card for live viewing, setup, and settings unrelated to recording. If you are replacing the microSD card, it must be formatted and meet the following compatibility specifications:

  • Minimum size: 8GB
  • Maximum size: 64GB
  • Class 10 or UHS class 1 or 3
    • This indicates that the microSD card can support real-time video recording at 1080p.
    • Using a card with a lower class is not recommeded as it may affect the performance of the camera.
  • We recommend the brands: Adata, Kingston, Kingmax, Sandisk, SP, Transcend, and Toshiba.
  • Click here for more information on choosing a compatible microSD card.

Insert the new microSD card into the camera, and then format the microSD card.

To format the microSD card:

  1. Launch the FLIR FX app or FLIR Secure app on your smartphone / tablet.
  2. Access the camera Live View.
  3. Tap the Settings icon (gear icon) on your smartphone, or tap Settings > Configuration on your tablet.
  4. Scroll down to SD card and tap the Trashcan icon (trashcan button) to format your microSD card.

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