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Security Cameras: Multiple feeds not displaying

When using multiple analog cameras simultaneously, camera feeds not displaying indicates that some cameras may not be receiving the required amount of power.

To ensure that the camera is receiving sufficient power:

  • Ensure the camera is connected to a power outlet. If using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), ensure that it is powered on.

  • Lorex by FLIR systems use 4-in-1, or 8-in-1 power adapters for the cameras. Every camera has two cables; one BNC cable running to the DVR and one cable running to a power outlet.

    8-in-1 Power cable
    Figure 1: 8-in-1 Power adapter

  • Ensure that the power outlet being used is functional; test with another device if necessary (e.g., a lamp or other electronic device).

  • Cover the lens of the camera and listen for an audible click, or watch for the red LEDs on the front of the camera to turn on. If there is an audible click and the LEDs are functioning, this indicates that the camera is receiving enough power.

    Camera Light Sensor

  • If the cameras receive no power or less than the required amount of power, test the cameras with a working power adapter.

  • If the cameras are receiving power, disable Covert settings on the DVR / NVR. Cameras that are configured as Covert or Hidden can only be viewed remotely by the administrator account. Refer to your user manual to see if Covert settings are supported, and for instructions on enabling and disabling Covert settings. Click here for downloads and documentation for your product.

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