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L-View Client Software: Navigating the software on PC

When viewing or configuring the LNC Series camera on a PC, the L-View Client software is used to view playback and configure camera settings. Product downloads and documentation

L-View Client software Navigation:

L-View Software

  1. Display: Shows a live video feed for the camera(s) being used.
  • Click to select a camera and scroll up / down to zoom in / out. When zoomed in, click and drag the camera image to pan locations.
  • Double-click to open the image in full-screen. Double-click again to exit full-screen.
  • Right-click to open the display sub-menu.
  1. Image / Recording Controls:
  • Video settings icon (Video Settings): Opens the video settings options.
  • Record list icon (Record List Icon): Displays a list of recordings that have been saved to an SD card.
  • Snapshot tool icon (Snapshot Tool): Opens the Snapshot tool. The Snapshot tool allows for taking pictures of live video or playback that is being watched.
  • Manual record icon (Manual Record Icon): This allows for starting or stopping manual recording for a selected channel.
  1. Time and Date: Displays the current time and date of the computer. The time and date of the camera may differ.

  2. Hard Drive Indicator: Displays the amount of available space on the computer hard disk drive that is available for recording.

  3. Minimize / Restore: Minimizes the L-View Client software to the toolbar.

  4. Maximize / Revert Window: Maximizes the L-View Client software window to the size of the screen being used, or allows for reverting from maximum size to original size.

  5. Exit: Closes the L-View Client software.

  6. Camera List: Displays a list of all saved cameras. Available cameras will be displayed in blue and unavailable cameras will be displayed in red.

    TIP: If cameras are displaying in red, check the network connection.

  7. Auto Search: Shows all cameras available on the Local Area Network (LAN).

  • To view a camera double-click a camera name or click and drag the camera to the Display Area.
  • To save the camera click and drag the camera to the Camera List.
  • To change camera settings in a web browser right-click the camera then click Web-Configure.
  1. Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Controls: Controls for PTZ Cameras (not included).
  2. Volume Controls:
  • 2-Way-Audio icon (2-Way-Audio): Activates 2-way-audio functions.

  • Mute icon (Mute Icon): Mutes and un-mutes audio from the camera.

    CAUTION: Activating 2-way-audio will mute the camera.

  • The bottom slider adjusts camera volume.

  1. L-View Controls:
  • L-View Settings icon (L-View Settings icon): Open the L-View Settings
  • L-Play icon (L-Play icon): Opens the L-Play software. The L-Play software allows for the playback of saved files from your computer's hard disk drive.
  • Schedule icon (Scheduling Icon): Opens the scheduling settings. This configures the recording schedules.
  • Language selector icon (Language selector icon): Allows for configuring the L-View Client software interface language.
  1. All camera action icon (All camera action icon): Allows you to perform an action on all cameras.
  2. Split screen selectors (Split screen selector): Allow you to change the Live View display configuration.
  3. Full screen icon (Full screen icon): Allows you to display a selected camera in full screen. To exit full screen view press ESC.

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