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Error Message: FLIR FX - Time error

When using the FLIR FX app on an Android smartphone or tablet, time settings must set automatically through an Internet connection. If you manually adjust the time on your smartphone or tablet you may see the error message: Time error. Change your smartphone or tablet ‘Date & time’ settings to ‘Automatic date & time’ when you attempt to log in to the FLIR FX app.

Time error FLIR FX app

To automatically set the time and date on your smartphone or tablet:

  1. Ensure your smartphone or tablet is connected to a WiFi network.

  2. Close the FLIR FX app.

  3. Tap Settings > More > Date and time.

  4. Tap the Automatic date and time checkbox.

    Android automatic date and time

  5. Reopen the FLIR FX app. The error message should no longer be present.

You may still notice a discrepancy in the time-stamp on a recording. Factors that can affect the time-stamp of the recording are:

  • The time-stamp on the recordings are made by a remote server. If the server is in a different time zone, you may see a discrepancy.
  • Recording upload may be delayed because of a weak Internet signal, or if the camera is temporarily offline.
  • Upload speed issues can affect the time a recording transfer completes, affecting the time-stamp that is applied.