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LHA / LNK Series: Backing up recorded video to a USB flash drive

You can use your LHA / LNK Series DVR / NVR to back up video recordings to a USB Flash Drive (not included). You can choose the exact section of video recording you want to backup from Playback mode.


  • To use video clip backup,‎ you must connect a USB flash drive to one of the DVR / NVR USB ports.

To use video clip backup:

  1. Open the Playback menu:

    • Click the Playback icon (Playback icon) on the Taskbar.
    • Right-click on the Live View, and then click Playback.
  2. Select a channel you would like to back up a video clip from,‎ and begin playback at the desired start time for the backup file.

  3. Click the Clip icon (Clip icon) to begin the video clip at the current playback time. The Clip icon (Clip icon) will change to a Save icon (Save icon). A red arrow on the timeline indicates your start time.

  4. Select an ending time for the backup file:

    • Let the video play until the desired end time,‎ then click the Save icon (Save icon).

    • Click the desired end time on the video timeline,‎ then click the Save icon (Save icon). A second red arrow appears on the timeline to show you the full duration of your backup file.

      Backup selection

  5. Select a file type for your backup files.

    Backup Type

  6. Click Save to open the backup drive menu:


    • Navigate to the folder you want the backup files to be saved in.
    • Click OK to begin.
    • The progress bar at the bottom of the window shows you the progress of the backup.

Once you have backed up your files, you can view them on your PC / Mac

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