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Lorex netHD Stratus App: Installation and setup for iPhone (iOS)

You can use the Lorex netHD Stratus app for iPhone (iOS) to connect to your LNR300 Series NVR.


  • Install the Lorex netHD Stratus app on your iPhone available on the App Store.

The following instructions require you to access your system using the Lorex netHD Stratus app on your iPhone.

To setup the Lorex netHD Stratus app for iPhone:

  1. Launch the Lorex netHD app for iPhone.

  2. Tap the Options icon (Options) and then tap the Devices icon (Devices icon).

  3. Tap the Plus icon (Plus icon).

  4. Enter a Name for your NVR.

    Name NVR

  5. Tap the QR code next to the Device ID field. Line up the QR code on the top of the NVR with the camera on your device, or manually enter the device ID.

    REMINDER: If you have changed the User Name, Password, or Client Port from the defaults, you will need to update them.

  6. Tap the Save icon (Save icon).

  7. Enter a new 6 character password for the NVR.

  8. Tap Confirm.

  9. Tap Start live view.

The app opens the Live View screens and displays camera video feed.

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