LHB Series: Connecting your DVR to your wireless receiver

To use your LHB Series DVR, and Wire-Free cameras, you must set up the DVR and connect to the wireless receiver.


To set up your DVR and connect to your wireless receiver:

  1. Connect the wireless receiver to the USB port on the back panel of the DVR.

    Wireless to DVR

    REMINDER: Your wireless receiver includes double-sided tape and mounting screws for optional wall mounting to improve line-of-sight with Wire-Free cameras.

  2. Connect the DVR to your router using the included Ethernet cable.

    DVR to Router

  3. Connect the included mouse to the USB port on the front panel of the DVR.

    DVR to Mouse

  4. Connect a monitor (not included) to the HDMI (included) or VGA (not included) port of the DVR.

    DVR to Monitor

  5. Connect the included power adapter to the DVR and wait a few minutes for the system to start.

    DVR to Power

You can now connect to your DVR system using a monitor and included mouse. You can also connect to your DVR system using the Lorex Secure app.