LHB Series: Setting up your Wire-Free camera and receiver

When initially setting up your LHB Series DVR, you will need to prepare the included power packs, Wire-Free cameras, and wireless receiver.

REMINDER: Power packs come fully charged with no need for initial charging.

To set up your Wire-Free cameras and receiver:

  1. Peel off the PLEASE REMOVE label covering the contacts on each power pack.

  2. Insert the power packs into each camera base until you hear an audible click.

    Power Pack

  3. Twist the adjustment ring near the camera base counterclockwise to loosen and reposition each camera to the right. Connect one of the included white antennas to each camera.

    White Antenna

  4. Connect the two black antennas to the wireless receiver.

    Black Antennas

You are now ready to set up your LHB Series DVR and connect to the wireless receiver.