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N Series NVRs: Audio recording

The system supports Lorex HD audio cameras, which transmit audio through the same network cable used for video connection.

!!! CAUTION: Audio recording and / or use of listen-in audio without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Corporation assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.

To enable audio recording:

1 From the Live View display, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Main Menu.

2 Click Settings Icon, then click RECORDING. Click the Recording tab on the top panel.

Recording Settings

3 Select the channel where the audio camera is connected.

4 Select the type of recording to enable audio for. If you wish to record audio at all times, ensure you configure both Continuous and MD (Motion Detection) recording.

5 Configure the following:

  • Audio/Video: Ensure all boxes are checked.
  • Audio Encode: Select an audio codec (G711a or AAC recommended).

CAUTION: If you are using voice commands with your security system, you must choose AAC encoding for the Sub Stream.

  • Sampling Rate: Select an audio sampling rate (8000 recommended).

6 Click Apply.

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