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N Series NVRs: Area search

Play back all recordings from a single channel with motion in a specific area of the camera image.

To perform an area search:

1 From the Live View display, right-click to open the Quick Menu, then click Playback.

Area Search Playback

2 Use the calendar on the right to select the day to playback.

3 Check a single channel you want to play back. Click the icon to the right of the channel name to choose the video quality (M for Main Stream, S for Sub Stream).

4 Click inside the video bar to select the playback time. The system will begin playing back video from the selected time.

5 Click Grid Icon to configure an area for the search.

6 The icon changes to Grid Icon in use, and the camera image appears with a grid overlay. Click or click and-drag to add / remove squares from the grid. Solid blue areas mark the part of the image that will be searched for motion events.

Area Search Marked Image

7 Click Play Button to begin area search.

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