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Smart Home FAQ

Q: Which smart home platforms are supported by Lorex devices?

A: Currently many of our new products feature smart home compatibility that support streaming devices such as AppleTV and Chromecast, as well as voice assistance through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (using the Google Home app). Click here for a complete list of compatible product. We will continue to integrate our products with these and other popular smart home platforms.

Q: Which Lorex devices are compatible with voice assistance?

A: Select Lorex recorders and cameras are compatible with voice command using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Click here for a complete list of compatible products.

Q: What voice commands can I use with my Lorex device?

A: Available voice commands will vary depending on the type of Lorex device you are using. Click here for a complete list of voice commands.

Q: Will Lorex be adding new voice commands in the future?

A: We will continue to add new commands to our smart home offerings for superior levels of security experience. Stay tuned!

Q: Why is there a delay in my video feed when viewing from smart home devices?

A: Streaming live video to a TV or monitor (such as an Echo Show or Google Home Hub) will result in slight time delay. The exact length of the delay depends on your network speed and connection strength, but it should only be a few seconds.

Q: Do I need a Google Cast (e.g. Chromecast, Google Home, Nexus Player™, etc.) or Amazon Fling (e.g. Fire TV) device to see a particular channel?

A: Not necessarily. If you have a TV or monitor that uses the Lorex App Skill/Action while plugged into the correct input of your DVR or NVR system, then the recorder will switch to full screen on the intended channel via voice command. However, if you have standalone Wi-Fi cameras without a DVR or NVR, then you will need a TV or device that supports Google Cast (Chromecast built-in) or Amazon Fling (Fire TV built-in).

Q: Do I need a smart speaker to send a voice command?

A: No, you can also use the Google Assistant app to give voice commands including viewing the camera feed on a Chromecast capable device, like a Chromecast Ultra or Google Nest Hub. Amazon Alexa does not support this type of interaction.

Q: Why should I set different names for my devices?

A: Similar device names introduce confusion and will not work with voice command. If two devices share the same name, the voice assistance will not know which device to apply the command to.

Q: Why do some of my devices automatically have the same name?

A: Fusion devices can share the same name by default. When a Wi-Fi camera and the recorder are both connected to the Lorex App, both devices will share the same name.

There are two solutions available:

  1. Remove your Wi-Fi camera from your Lorex App and only access it through your recorder.
  2. Modify the name of the channel or camera to be different from your Wi-Fi camera, if you want to simultaneously access your Wi-Fi camera through the Lorex App and your recorder.

Q: Which devices can I show?

A: Any device that is connected to your Lorex App account, can be shown on a Google Cast (e.g. Chromecast, Google Home, Nexus Player™, etc.) or on an Amazon Fling device (i.e. Fire TV), provided that they do not share the same name.

Q: What does screen mirroring mean?

A: You can view your video content exactly as you see on your tablet or mobile device’s screen by mirroring it onto a bigger one, by using AirPlay on iOS and Google Cast or Miracast on Android. Your screen must have a mirroring device (e.g. Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, etc.) plugged into it, or have the functionality built-in (e.g. Chromecast or Fire TV) to be able to do this.

Q: Can I use a smart speaker (e.g. Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Mini, Apple Homepod, etc.) to display my device’s screen onto my TV?

A: In order to view your device on a TV or monitor, you need to have a streaming device either built into the TV or monitor (e.g. Chromecast built-in or Fire TV built-in) or attach the streaming device to the TV or monitor’s HDMI port (e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc.). Otherwise there is no way for the smart device to communicate with your TV or monitor.

Q: When I ask to view a specific channel on my TV/monitor, how do I go back to the previous view (e.g. 4-channel view, 9-channel view, etc.)?

A: Both Alexa and Google Assistant currently do not support a command that allows you to go back to the previous view. We will add support for this function once it becomes available.

Q: Should I connect my device to the same network as my smart speaker or smart display?

A: Yes, for a secure connection make sure your device is on the same network as your speaker or display.

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